Barbecue Restaurants in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

There are a great variety of restaurants in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Although they are best known for the great barbecue restaurants.

Most people think of Dreamland Barbecue when they think of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Dreamland is one of the great ones and one of the originals. However, there are others. A good list is:

  • BottomFeeders
  • Archibalds
  • Bama Bar-B-Q & Grill
  • Catfish Heaven
  • Eagles Nest
  • Golden Rule Bar-B-Q
  • Hicks Barbeque
  • Hornes Barbecue
  • Johnny Rays BBQ Northport
  • Mike and Eds Barbeque
  • Pottery Grill
  • The Foxfire
  • Woodrows Pit BBQ

This should be a pretty complete list. There are other restaurants that serve some BBQ but they are not known for their grill in the same way that these 13 are.

If you do ever get a chance to come to T-town for some of our great and envied football or our consistently spectacular gymnastics, make sure that you eat some of the best barbecue in the South.

When choosing a barbecue restaurant in Tuscaloosa, many of the locals tend to choose the smallest and best hidden place. There may be some good logic to this. Since most of them are family run places and the restaurant is located on the same property that their house is located. That must be some really good barbecue to risk putting a restaurant right there on the same land as your home. People tend to take their pork, chicken and beef pretty seriously around here and if you did a bad job, everyone would then know where you live.

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