BBQ in an Outdoor Wood Fired Oven

The American public's favorite meal is pizza. There isn't a family in the states that say they don't enjoy pizza on an occasional or semi-regular basis whether it's going out to a local pizza shop, or making pizza at home. Most Americans also like going outside on a beautiful summer day. Unfortunately, if pizza is cooked at home, it's normally done in an indoor conventional oven or a wood fire oven inside making it nearly impossible to enjoy the outside air and cook a pizza at the same time. Thankfully, an outdoor pizza oven has been created to act as the pizza equivalent of a BBQ grill.

Cooking your own pizza saves money, but it has to be done inside where the oven is taking away from the time that could be spent outside. Nobody wants to spend all day preparing pizza inside when it could be done and is as enjoyable as cooking it outside. Thankfully, there are outdoor pizza ovens. Outdoor ovens provide an easy and comfortable way to make pizzas while enjoying the summer air.

The first and most commonly used is the electric ovens. Electric outdoor pizza ovens are powered by electricity so an outdoor outlet is necessary. Since it's powered by the electricity of you own home, there's no need to buy gas or anything for the oven. There's also no guess work involved with the heating of the oven, but since it's electric, there is a slight restriction with the distance the oven can travel.

For a little more freedom, one would choose the gas powered outdoor oven. Gas powered outdoor ovens, as expected, require gas to operate so it's helpful to have some handy. Usually, these models require propane or butane which is normally sold in tanks by any petroleum dealer or retail store. It's slightly inconvenient to have to buy and carry petroleum tanks, but since there's no cord, there is more freedom with gas powered ovens, and also, gas isn't very environmentally friendly. There may be times when wood burning is restricted while using the gas oven is OK.

A great way to have the freedom of the gas oven and the environmental qualities of the electric oven is with the wood fired oven. Wood fire ovens use wood for fuel which makes it environmentally friendly and provides freedom to the user. It can also burn longer without using a whole petroleum tank or running up an electric bill. It's a little difficult preparing wood, but the environmental and money saving benefits of the wood oven pay for itself.

These different types of ovens provide conveniences based on the size of the family in question. The electric oven would benefit a small family with its use of energy. The gas grill is aimed more towards big families because of its burning time and freedom to move, but the wood can be used for bigger groups for its almost unending burn time. Different people have different needs, but all of these ovens provide great home made pizzas unmatched by anything a restaurant could produce.

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