Buying Tips on Choosing a BBQ Smoker Trailer

The secret to tender, juicy barbecue is to smoke it rather than grill it. With charcoal grilling meat, you cook it fast using direct heat, usually over the coals. By smoking meat, you cook it slowly using indirect heat, generally over wood fires. When you do slow cooking with it, it will traps the juices in and bring the flavors out. It’s no wonder a BBQ smoker trailer is a surefire roadside attraction. You can even save time by pre-cooking meat and then transferring it to the smoker where it stays hot, lest you keep hungry mouths waiting!

A BBQ smoker trailer is ideal as a street side b-b-q outlet for vending in high-traffic locations, as a mobile b-b-q cart for catering big-venue or multi-area events, and as a self-contained barbecuing area for competition chefs and passionate cooks. Choose from a wide range of styles such as cabin, lodge, motorized, open air, shack, shed and traditional concession trailers.

There is a multitude of regular and commercial grade BBQ smokers to choose from. Common sizes are 4, 6, 8 and 10 feet, with small sizes of 3 feet and custom sizes also available. Other than mounted, you can go with a towable, backyard or tailgate unit. Combination smokers and grills are a price-friendly option.

A custom BBQ smoker trailer can be done within 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your specifications. Shells, interiors, accessories and generators are easy to find, specifically, for an upgrade or repair. With rotisserie BBQ pits and cookers, you are spare yourself the trouble of manually flipping barbecues.

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