Charcoal or Gas BBQ Grill

When you are buying a new BBQ grill, the first thing you must decide is whether you want gas or a charcoal. Depending on who you ask, you will find die-hard supporters of both types of BBQ grill. Each of these have their benefits but also their downsides.

Gas grills are becoming more popular today for BBQ. This is mostly because the convenience that they offer. All you need to do is hook up the gas tank, hit a switch and you have fire. Controlling the fire is even easier because the best gas BBQ grills all have flame controls. Many top grills even have multiple burners so you can cook several foods at once on different temperatures. Gas grills also come with many features and in more options in sizes and BTUs. However, you will need more space for your gas BBQ grill in case of flare ups. Also, gas grills tend to be more expensive to buy and many people claim that they do not give a real grilling experience or full flavor in the food.

Many grillers prefer the original smoky flavor that comes with grilling on charcoal. They claim that the taste can't be beat. Charcoal BBQ grills also are more fun for some people who want the complete experience of grilling food. This requires a degree of skill which the grillers are proud to have mastered. Now, charcoal grills can also be found with many features which make their use even easier such as automatic gas light up. Charcoal grills are also cheaper than gas grills to purchase.

Once you make the decision of gas or charcoal, you have all sorts of other decision to make like size, grilling space, product material, features and more. Just have fun and enjoy your new BBQ grill.

Source of Charcoal or Gas BBQ Grill by John M Norton – author of Charcoal or Gas BBQ Grill article

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