First Road Trip After Celiac Disease

First Road Trip After Celiac Disease video:

More about First Road Trip After Celiac Disease: My first travel video post my daughter’s celiac disease diagnosis. She has to be completely gluten free so we hit all the celiac safe restaurants from Los Angeles to Sacramento (there’s three). 😂

2:09 In N Out – The only food at In N Out that has gluten are the buns. If you tell them you have celiac they will put your food in a separate bag so it will not touch any of the buns.

2:29 BJ’s – Gluten free menu items that are kept separate from the gluten items and should be safe for people with celiac disease.

4:37 Pushkins – Located in Sacramento this restaurant with a completely gluten free kitchen (!!!) is delicious and very popular with EVERYBODY, not just people who are gluten free. Not even Los Angeles has a completely gluten free kitchen restaurant like this. It was heaven.

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