The Ways Of Cooking

Cooking is a tough occupation to begin with. In restaurants, there are a number of cooks who do what they are hired for in order to make dishes for their customers. I learned about some gourmet kitchen positions from a movie I liked a lot.

The chef is of course the boss of the gourmet kitchen. It is in his profession to think of new dishes and assist his employees with advice. Speaking of new dishes, he does whatever he can to impress a food critic with one of them.

A secondary chef is hired to be the second in command of the whole thing. He takes over whenever his boss is not around. And he does some of the same as the top chef.

The saucier has a very important job preparing different sauces. These sauces do have their own recipe so they can be made. There is barbecue, teriyaki, marinara and other kinds of sauces that I do not know about.

The grill master is inc charge of the food he, well, grills. He makes sure the food is properly grilled and ready to serve to the customers. The foods grilled are usually meats and vegetables.

These positions, and others, are meant to approve the quality of the dishes they prepare for their customers. Some of the greatest chefs can be found in France, where it is believed to have the finest dishes anywhere. Only the food critics have the profession to sample their work and review about it the next day.

In one movie, a great chef says that anyone can cook. He believes that the limit to making a great dish is the soul it is implied to. What he said and believed put encouragement to those who think they did not cook well.

Source of The Ways Of Cooking by Bill H Clarke – author of The Ways Of Cooking article

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