College Student and Simple Recipes

Tired of school and a lack of good meals on a daily basis? Welcome finally to the real world. Of course, dorm life is so far from real life that one can not try to approach the topic without digressing, so I will stick to the matter at hand. Recipes for those who swear they can't cook, and healthy enough to eat so that your brain doesn't rot in time for finals, midterms, practicals, papers, and exams.


Prepare with care and caution, meaning you never handle raw chicken with cooked food and you always clean surfaces that have chicken juice, meaning you also wash your hands. Not remembering to wash your hands after handling raw meats can make one ask, why do you deserve to be a college student?

Butter Chicken

Take a chicken breast and split it into two. Pound it so that it is slightly flatter. In a plastic bag, put in flour and salt and pepper to taste. Throw the chicken in and do the shake-and-bake move. You shake it! Cover the whole chicken with the flour / salt / pepper and once you are done, put butter or oil into a pan. For three minutes, cook the chicken on high fire. Flip the chicken, reduce the fire to medium or low and cook the chicken for another 9 minutes. Cover the pan during the last few minutes of cooking.

Given you haven't burnt down your dorm, place the chicken on a plate, enjoy. You can add ketchup if you don't care for sophistication. You can add some greens to make the plate pretty, but all food in the end becomes crap so it doesn't matter unless you are trying to impress!


Chicken soup, the real kind and not the one from those cans are so good, both for you and to taste. Cut up a chicken breast into slices and then boil a pot of water. If you have one chicken breast, I guess you can have 10 cups of water … If you have a regular sized pot, just fill it around 3/4 full, or less. Boil the water and then lower the fire before you put in the chicken slices. Cut some ginger and throw that in too if you can tolerate the taste. Let the soup simmer / boil for a while, like 20 minutes on low fire and then put in around 1 teaspoon of salt. Enjoy while hot! Very good, this is pure chicken soup! So easy to make, granted you don't boil yourself or whatnot.

Simple Pasta

Garlic, cut up some cloves into dices. Cut up some parsley. Grab a serving of pasta, and cook it al dente, meaning in boiling water for less than 10 minutes, most of the time. In a pan, throw in olive oil and then cook the garlic until brown on medium fire. Throw in parsley. Finally, salt and pepper the mixing to your liking before stirring in the cooked pasta.

After about one minute, close fire, serve, eat … So good!

What can life be without desserts? Just eat fruits. Stay healthy. College life is stressful and unhealthy enough as it is! EAT FRUITS!

End of recipes …

Source of College Student and Simple Recipes by Kathleen Lieu – author of College Student and Simple Recipes article

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