Famous Restaurant Recipes From Home!

Famous restaurant recipes and home cooking, which one you preferred? Any easy meal recipes and easy soup recipes for you? There is a talk about creation of recipes this afternoon. Are you ready to join us?

Today, our cooking school is re-opened, after a long holiday. Mary and Tom are the organizers and speakers for this afternoon's topic "Healthy Dinner Recipes". What an interesting topic! Hurry! Discussion is starting soon …

"I wondered where the old restaurant recipes came from? How those old restaurants business were set-up? Did they create their own recipes or they bought them from someone? How the people became a chef in those days?", Mary said.

"What an interesting topic!", Tom said.

"Do you think they train themselves from their home cooking? I am sure we can also create our own recipes and practice till perfect. We can start a new restaurant ourselves. What do you think?", Said Mary.

"Why not? During our daily meals we can make different types of sauces, soup and dishes, then record down all our recipes and cooking tips. We should have something special for our future restaurant business.", Said Tom.

"Someone said A cook is a genius ! Do you agree?", Mary said.

"Maybe there is real genius, however I believed practicing made perfect! Moreover, cooking is about love, patient, and flexibility. I believed it is a piece of art!", Said Tom.

"How about creating something specially easy today for our audience ?, said Mary.

"Sure! Let's have some fun. How about an Easy Soup? You can make many different dishes from this soup.", Said Tom.

Soup King

Corn (canned)
Celery root
Bean sprouts

a. wash and drain the vegetables.
b. Cut them into small pieces.
c. Boil the vegetables in a pot of cold water for about 2 hours.
d. Drain and let cool.
e. When cold put the soup in a tight sealed container and set it in the refrigerator.

"You may use this to make noodle soup by adding cooked noodles, cooked pasta, cooked spaghetti, and cooked macaroni. You may make vegetable soup by adding in all kinds of fresh vegetables. You may add meat balls and serve together with rice or slices of bread, when desired. ", said Tom.

We have the basic now, next round we shall create more attractive recipes for everyone.

Girls, see you …

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