4 Fat Burning Holiday Foods – Burn Fat Over The Holidays Without Sacrifice

Here's four fat burning holiday foods that will help you to burn fat over the holidays without feeling like you are having to sacrifice the enjoyment of eating over the holidays.

If you are trying to keep from gaining weight over the holidays, but are concerned that any "diet" would keep you from enjoying holiday eating, here are some foods that will keep you on track and happy with yourself after. Start the New Year off right with these great Holiday fat burning foods.

Fat Burning Holiday Foods

Food # 1: Oven roasted Turkey. Yes, you will probably be eating turkey anyway, but did you know that you can eat it without guilt. As a matter of fact, you should add a little more turkey to your plate to encourage eating more protein. Why? Protein decreases overall hunger faster, it takes the most amount of calories to digest over carbs & fats, and it supports a faster burning metabolism. It also support lean muscle development.

Food # 2: Baked beans. Kidney, black, and pinto beans are great foods for increasing your metabolism and curbing hunger during the holidays. Four servings these beans have 15-18 grams of fiber and 25+ grams of protein. The protein takes more calories to digest and it increases metabolism.

Food # 3: Black eye peas. At all of our holiday gatherings someone always brings at least one dish that has black eye peas. Eating black eye peas increases your metabolism because they are full of protein (35 grams per four servings). Plus these are so good.

Food # 4: Deviled Eggs. Eggs have long been known as one of the best foods for dieting and developing a leaner & sexier body. Eggs increase metabolism, they have one of the highest absorbable types of protein, and they support lean muscle development. You can have some added cancer fighting benefits if you add chilli peppers or cayenne.

Now that you know these four fat burning holiday foods, you can add them or add more of them to your plate and never have to worry about messing up your diet plan or gaining unwanted weight over the holidays. Throwing in a quick 10 minute exercise routine in the morning before you start your holiday will also help you to offset any weight gain over the holidays. If you don't have time in the morning, try adding in a quick ten minute workout just before you shower.

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