A Harmonious and Original Holiday in Lake Orta Holiday Apartments

Have you ever heard about Lake Orta? It could be your next holiday destination! Lake Orta is located in Northern Italy, near Lake Maggiore, in Piemonte region. Known for being a very stylish, refined and cosmopolitan area, Lake Orta region is famous for its elegant urban architecture and wonderful landscapes. It is definitely a great place to visit all year long. This Italian area offers a rich variety of different landscapes, a very long tradition cuisine and genuine products.

For this reason, thousands of tourists are attracted every year by the Italian dream and plan their holidays in Tuscany to visit one of the most fascinating areas of Italy. Here you can find many natural and cultural itineraries, Medieval villages, ancient towns, wonderful churches and cathedrals, but also a great food culture. The best accommodation to spend an unforgettable holiday of relax in this area is taking holiday apartments for rent. This way, you will have the opportunity to manage your time as you prefer and cook local products in a real and well-equipped kitchen.

Among all the special products you can find in this area of the region, we suggest local asparagus, that has a very intense aroma and grows in the surrounding hills. It is considered a real treasure for local cuisine and a precious product for local economy as well.

Local inhabitants and chefs working in Tuscan restaurants cook local asparagus in a variety of different ways: simply boiled, baked at “parmigiana style”, dipped in extra virgin olive oil, served with melting cheese or with slices of Parma ham. All seasons are perfect to visit Lake Orta area, because hills surrounding the lake and the hidden valleys between them are the ideal place to take a reinvigorating walk in the nature. Among all the cities and towns worth visiting, we suggest Orta San Giulio, San Giulio Island (just in the middle of lake’s waters), Pettenasco and Omegna. In this area finding local truffles is quite easy. The intense scent of the truffle makes it one of the most precious products of the vegetable kingdom, but it requests some special conditions to grow. It dislikes dry soil and needs certain salts, it can adapt to a mild climate and prefers clayey-limestone ground.

In winter, you can’t miss the famous nougat that has very ancient origins. In fact, historians have discovered a document belonging to Plinio where the roman author describes a “dessert made with honey and dry fruits”. Piedmontese nougat is different from the other popular nougat from Cremona, because it contains hazelnuts instead of almonds.

Cheese is another real jewel of local cuisine. One of the most famous cheeses is Murazzano, a fresh and rich cheese. It is soft and milky-white with a delicate aromatic taste similar to sheep’s milk. Robiola di Roccaverano is another famous fresh cheese with a delicate taste. These cheeses are extremely rich and good with local red wines. Among all the most famous wines of the area, we suggest Barolo and Barbaresco that are excellent with strong flavors of Lake Orta region’s traditional cuisine.

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