Happy Holiday Scents

One sense that can have an overwhelming effect on our mood is the sense of smell. Warm folks up to the holidays with some simple tricks, and get the most out of your time together.

Dried flowers and half a Cinnamon stick wrapped up in mesh cloth and tied with a thin ribbon make an instant potpourri. Cinnamon or flower scented oil is a convenient way to keep the scent strong. You can even hang a couple of sachets from the Christmas tree.

Pine cones are perfect for creating pleasant scents. Gently baste a pine cone with pine oil and it will retain the seasonal fragrance for some time.

Before adding the Christmas lights, spray the tree with the cologne of your choice (men's cologne works best). You can usually catch the scent for a good while when standing next to it.

If you do not like conventional air fresheners, apply some rose oil or a scented oil of your choice generously onto cotton balls and place them discreetly in different corners of the house. Places they can be hidden are; corners of window sills, under furniture, behind mirrors or pictures, under a chair or couch and so on. You'll be amazed at how quickly food and stale odors disappear and the house does not have that "Supermarket Air Freshener Scent".

Scented candles are always nice and so are fresh flowers. Two popular winter flowers are: Winter Jasmine and Honeysuckle. Place some in an attractive vase and you have a party instantly under way.

To wind it all up, have wonderful smelling and tasting food. The smell of fine coffee is always a winner and don't forget the aroma of a warm piece of chocolate cake!

Source of Happy Holiday Scents by Kim LaBarbera – author of Happy Holiday Scents article

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