To Have a Good Holiday

During a trip or an excursion, the mother will ensure the proper installation of the child (at the rear of the car, possibly on a small seat with straps) and take care of him during the trip. This will prevent the onset of any discomfort. In this regard, recall that the evil heart has is mostly psychological. Parents keep the talk to the child who is subject or in the presence of his brothers and sisters.

On arrival, little is likely to be stirred. We must therefore ensure that it is quiet and habits. Within days, he will readily accepted his new room and the entire unit.

It will provide employment sportswear pleasant, not too hot and easy to wash. To remove the maximum benefit from their stay, the child will not feel oppressed by a series of prohibitions. Just like home, parents do not arbitrarily limit its activity but the lead.

The little boy or girl should be able to spend, vent their excess energy, ignoring the constraints that they fold in town. Again, they need to frolic safely in contact with nature. The sensible practice of a sport related to their age will be quite beneficial, as the kind of introduction to local life. It is also desirable that a serious activity allows the child to play a role, while leaving some initiative. Why, indeed, confuse relaxation and idleness?

It is recommended to take some children's books, welcome rainy days, and to establish a list of games, occupations, so that the young do not remain vacant.

It is clear that this freedom implies the observance of precautions: we will not, initially, the child exposed too long in the sun bareheaded, and the duration of the first bath will be monitored.

We must also insist on the fact that the little ones, in all circumstances and on the beach more than ever, a strong need for companionship, they are left, therefore, sometimes lasting friendships, without intervening too much in their choice, but to Conversely , if they flee from timidity these contacts, it 'will not hesitate to encourage them to seek playmates.

Another golden rule, one should avoid disrupting the lifestyle of younger, staying pretty strict about mealtimes. Of course, some flexibility is not unbecoming a holiday or excursion.

In terms of food, the boy did not ingest indiscriminately countless sweets and ice. Should be to preserve the balance struck by the rest of the year. A stay at the hotel will not lead to the adoption of a diet fanciful. Parents monitor in the same spirit that the child stick to strict fulfillment of cleanliness and explain that to bathe twice a day does not exempt him from engaging in his usual ablutions.

It now remains to consider the controversial issue of homework. The current educational trend is to abolish school work done at home, more reason not to restore them in July and August. If there is concern that two months without contact with the programs do result in forgetfulness, a difficult start in September, it will be good to offer some simple exercises and fun, rainy days, for example. Even if the child has some behind academically, he did not asked to work the first fifteen days.

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