Eating Vegetables – Initially It Was Suggested That Five Portions A Day Was Ideal – How About Seven?

In most countries people are struggling to reach the recommended five portions a day of fresh fruit and vegetables recommended to have a healthy life. The average level across the northern hemisphere being less than on third of adults. However researchers have just provided evidence that upping the levels to seven or eight portions a day has even further benefits.

Work carried out by Professor Andrew Oswald from the Centre Of Competitive Advantage In The Global Economy at Warwick University in the UK, has found that those consumers of not only five, but seven portions a day of vegetables a day felt more cheerful, loved and optimistic about their future. The survey involved 80,000 adults. Fresh fruit and vegetables, which contain antioxidants, have been known to support the immune system and improve our feelings and reduce stress levels. Whilst unproven, this further benefit could happen as a result of the way that the biochemistry works within our body.

The link with the positive effects of fruit and vegetables was found not found to alter irrespective of the level exercise and overall diet. Both factors which are known to adversely affect mood.

If we look at in a non scientific basis, but one just based upon our raw emotions, which is likely to satisfy our body:-

  • OPTION 1. A diet consisting of products high in saturated fats, salt, calories, fizzy drinks and prepared foods with added chemicals. For example, Burger, Fries washed down with Cola, or
  • OPTION 2. A diet with high levels of fresh foods, low in calories, salt, fat and additives, with lots of vegetables and fruit, and washed down with water or fresh fruit juice.

It would take a very convincing argument to recommend the first option.

The new research results are not much different from others that appear regularly. But why are the results not causing more reaction, why are there not more ripples and waves being created. It is not as though the general health of humans is satisfactory, because the levels of obesity are increasing and our general personal fitness levels are getting worse caused by our inactivity.

Many countries are being split into the “wills” who are keen to create a fit and healthy life for themselves, and the “won’t” who are quite content to live life at its worst. Of course sandwiched by the “don’t knows”. However the growing concern for many people who are fit and healthy, and who are likely to have a longer life, is the future disproportionate costs that they will be responsible for, to pay for the medical and social care of large numbers in our society who do not hold the same levels of personal responsibility.

I am off to find a desert Island, with lots of fruit and vegetables!

Source of Eating Vegetables – Initially It Was Suggested That Five Portions A Day Was Ideal – How About Seven? by Henry Lord – author of Eating Vegetables – Initially It Was Suggested That Five Portions A Day Was Ideal – How About Seven? article

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