Raw and Fresh – Why You Should Only Choose the freshest Juices for Your Next Juice Detox

Juice detoxes are a common sight in the fitness world today. It is an opportunity to revitalize your body by replacing all of the toxins that you put into it with healthy vitamins and minerals. It is done by consuming only fresh fruit and vegetable juices for a period of 24 hours or more as a way of detoxing your body. Additionally, taking the fruit and vegetables in the form of a juice leaves your body with more energy to recharge and rejuvenate itself because it does not have to break down complex foods. Interestingly, fitness trainers who promote juice detoxes are quick to state that the most important element of a juice detox is getting fresh or raw ingredients, so that you only add the best vitamins and minerals to your body. We asked the ladies over at a detox company that why fresh and raw fruits and vegetables were so important.

The girls told us, "The first reason fresh and raw foods are better than older or frozen food is that they simply contain more nutrients." There is no set amount of nutrients in a vegetable or fruit. They are constantly changing and the longer away from the tree or bushel, the few nutrients a food will have. This is because all foods slowly lose nutrients as soon as they are plucked or cut down. Getting the freshest produce limits this loss. Making sure your food is raw can be even more important. This is because nutrients can also be lost when they are cooked too, meaning consuming raw food is the best way of getting as many vitamins and minerals as you can.

The next reason raw and fresh is important is that fresh fruits and vegetables had a higher water content. During a detox this is incredibly useful because water helps to flush out the toxins in your body and so the fresher the fruits and vegetables in your juice detox, the better affect it will have on your body. Fresh fruits mean better body hydration!

Lastly, in the same way that fresh fruits and vegetables have more nutrients than older or frozen foods, they also have more enzymes inside them that are useful to the human body. Enzymes help your body with its digestion process. Specifically, the ones in fruits and vegetables make it easier to break down and absorb food for the human body. These enzymes are removed from canned foods so that they can have a longer shelf life, but they are integral to your body for quick absorption of minerals and fruits. This quick absorption is integral to a good juice detox, which is because using only fresh fruits and vegetables is advised by fitness trainers and dieticians.

Using fresh or raw foods when you decide to juice detox is the most important element of the whole detox process. With fresh foods you get more nutrients, higher levels of hydration and more enzymes to help break down the minerals and vitamins that are so necessary to detox's success. That is why companies only use fresh fruits and vegetables in their juices, and why they advise you to do the same.

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