Homebrew Beer and the Tradition of Making Beer From Home

Homebrew Beer is a time honored Art Form. Homebrew beer show the taste and skill of the brewer. There are many differences between homebrew beer and mass produced beer.

"Homebrew", is generally a much more "active" beer, and can be cold filtered, and carbonated via injection with Co2, or it can be done naturally, a natural method of many home brewers. Beer, wine, cider, and mead are all made by the same basic process, fermentation. Yeast is added to a sugar solution. The yeast eats the sugar and produces carbon dioxide and alcohol. The brewer's only jobs are to make the sugary solution and create the best possible conditions for the yeast to do their work.

Preparing the Ingredients can be as simple as "brew in a can", or it can involve complicated questions of water chemistry. Cleaning and Sanitation are surprisingly important, which can intimidate beginners, but modern cleaning and sanitizing products make it easy.

For first times brewers, kits are available that include your base wort, the sugars, and most of the supplies you need to start home brewing. They can include the "brew keg", as well as the supplies you need to start in your own home brew hobby.

As you decide to start the process of brewing beer at home, be sure to check you national, and local laws as they pertain to the brewing and distribution of home brewed alcoholic beverages.

When beginning the process there are a few fundamentals. One of the first is to ensure you properly sanitize the equipment. Poorly sanitized equipment can spoil the batch. In addition when you are ready to bottle, the bottles must be properly sanitized as well. From there you prepare the Wort, and keg the beer in your primary fermenting vessel.

The main steps to home brewing beer are:

1. Sanitizing
2. Preparing the wort
3. Kegging the wort
4. Primary Fermentation
5. Bottling
6. Secondary Fermentation
7. Enjoy!

When I home brew my beer, I always use the "time honored" method of secondary fermentation. This is done by adding sugar to my bottles, and then allowing the residual yeast to "eat" the sugar, and result in the carbonation of the beer.

The result of these efforts can be a beer that reflect your taste and your needs. Hombrew beer is one of the fastest growing hobbies around today. Make a Beer that reflect YOUR tatses. Then sit back pour a glass and enjoy!

Source of Homebrew Beer and the Tradition of Making Beer From Home by Jordan Wyatt – author of Homebrew Beer and the Tradition of Making Beer From Home article

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